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Universal Awareness Center

Check Out Our New Look! All Bright and Shiny In Yellow!

Universal Awareness Center
N88W16791 Main St.,
Menomonee Falls, WI
We’ve only moved a few buildings west, and we think you’re going to LOVE the new place!




To make an appointment for a Psychic Reading, Past Life Regression or Soul Retrieval: Call (414)803-2759, text, or email oscupdates@gmail.com.

Psychic Gallery Readings on the second Sunday morning at 11:00 and the fourth Friday evening at 7:00!

Kristina shares communication and insight from worlds beyond our own with messages from loved ones who have crossed over, spirit guides and beings of Light. Join us for an enlightening adventure in extraordinary communications that can help put life in perspective, bring healing to the heart and set your soul at ease. We also have guest readers at times, check the calendar link to discover who is hosting the Gallery each week!

Second Sunday 11am.

Fourth Friday 7pm 

 Fee: $25

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  1. I am now doing Gallery Readings at Universal Awareness Center twice per month. Remember to check the calendar and events pages for other Gallery Reading venues!

  2. Kristina Bloom said:

    I will doing the Psychic Gallery Reading this week, hope you’ll join me!

  3. lisa machado said:

    How do you cleanse yourself of the pain of others?

    • Hi Lisa,
      Your question is a complex one and there are several possible answers. The answer will to some extent depend on how emotionally entangled you are with the “others”. The closer the emotional ties the more difficult it can be to separate yourself from their pain, be it emotional or physical. If on the other hand you are responding empathically to others who are in your environment, like at work, it can then be easier to not take on their pain in the first place. Either way it’s easier on you to not absorb it in the first place. Once you have absorbed the others I can recommend a few different options in cleansing it.

      You can take a 20 minute Epsom salt bath in warm water. 1 cup of Epsom salt in a bath should be sufficient to help cleans your muscles, where a lot of pain is stored whether its emotional or physical. If you prefer showers stand under the water for a few minutes and visualize liquid light washing through you as the water washes over you. As the liquid light washes through you imagine all of the pain and other not so pleasant stuff that you’ve been holding onto leaving you through the bottoms of your feet and flowing down the drain.

      You can smudge yourself and hopefully your home with sage or incense with intention of clearing it all away.

      Finally you can have a conversation with the pain. Acknowledge that it is there, and more importantly confirm that it isn’t yours, thank it for what ever information it provided and send it away. I like to visualize it being sent off to cosmic recycling to be transformed into positive energy.

      These are the tools I use most often in dealing with any kind of pain or negative energy, I hope that you find them to be helpful.

      Kristina Bloom

  4. Congratulations on the new location. The events at the “old” place have been lovely. I always enjoy the energy when I walk in there.

  5. […] She is the creator and facilitator of the Intuitive You! program for psychic development . As a psychic reader Kristina uses her natural intuitive gifts to guide you in choosing your own best options by helping you to connect to your Spirit Guides and view every situation from a higher place. In teaching Intuitive You! Kristina understands that everyone’s gifts are individual to that person and need to be nurtured as such. With the belief that everyone has intuitive abilities she tailored the class in a way that supports each student’s natural ability and provides each student the freedom, along with guidance, to develop their gifts as they choose. Kristina may also be reached at: (414) 803-2759 http://onespiritconnection.com […]

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